Project financed by: 

  • Vienna Housing Research (MA 50 - Wiener Wohnbauforschung) 
  • Österreichisches Siedlungswerk - Housing Cooperative 
  • Familienwohnbau - Housing Cooperative 


Project partner:

  • Residents’ Initiative Together in Monte Laa - Laaer Berg

A newly built neighborhood does not have its own history yet. It emerges from the stories of the single inhabitants. The website exists since 2011 and tells the story of the Monte Laa neighborhood; it is run by Search and Shape, together with the local association of residents “Initiative Miteinander am Monte Laa – Laaer Berg”.

In 2011 more than 40 residents of Monte Laa were interviewed; we collected their life stories. Together they narrated the story of the recently built neighborhood. In 2019 we additionally interviewed more than 25 residents of the adjacent newly built housing estate Absberggasse 40. 

Based on these two sets of interviews the website tells the history of Monte Laa by means of short texts, audio files, photos and maps. The webpage is a long-term project: Anyone can participate and continue writing the history of Monte Laa online.

Project period: since 2011

Project team:

2019-2020: Daniele Karasz, Antonia Dika, Hamida Sivac, Mark Scherner

2011: Daniele Karasz, Amila Sirbegovic, Antonia Dika, Pascal Honisch

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