A decentralized cultural festival in Vienna: Assessment and potentials 

Project commissioned by: 

  • Kultursommer Wien

“Kultursommer Wien” is a summer festival in the city of Vienna that aims to reach people who are otherwise rarely addressed by institutionalized cultural and artistic events. Through different and easily accessible art formats in different Viennese neighbourhoods, art is rethought from the urban “margins”. The research project looks at the festival and takes its idea of decentralized urban space and cultural offer as reference. Our starting point will be the everyday, local realities of residents in a specific Viennese neighbourhood, the Reithofferpark in the 15th district. The study lies at the intersection of neighbourhood research and visitor evaluation. We investigate the resonance of the project in the selected Viennese neighbourhood, using quantitative and qualitative research approaches. We focus on the interaction and cooperation between festival and local actors as well as residents. On that basis we underline possibilities for future developments regarding artistic work in neighbourhoods that are usually not addressed by institutionalized cultural actors in Vienna. 

 Project period: 2023-2024 

Project team: Daniele Karasz, Slađana Adamović, Mark Scherner, Maria Scarcia

© Judith Stehlik

© Judith Stehlik 

© Judith Stehlik