The International Building Exhibition as potential driving force for innovation

Project commissioned by:

  • IBA_Vienna - New Social Housing (International Building Exhibition)

The research project focusses on innovative approaches regarding the access to social housing in Vienna. We take up the question of access as a crucial challenge for contemporary social housing. Different forms of mobility increasingly characterize the Viennese housing market: Labor migration from EU countries as well as from third countries, the flight from persecution and violence, study stay and permanence in the city after finishing education, commuting in transnational households, etc. Many persons in Vienna, especially if the housing biography is characterized by mobility, are confronted with precarious, often informal housing conditions on the private housing market. This finally entails the question of who should have access to subsidized housing and under what conditions. Against this background, the tryout of innovative approaches for "newly arrived persons" appears to be of great importance. In the project we compare exemplary housing biographies and approaches tested in the context of the International Building Exhibition (IBA); thereby, we aim to identify possible room for maneuver and innovative strategies concerning the access to social housing in Vienna. 

Project period: 2021 

Project team: Daniele Karasz, Sladana Adamovic, Mark Scherner, Madlyn Miessgang Jakob Pesendorfer

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Project Presentation

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© Madlyn Miessgang & Jakob Pesendorfer

© Madlyn Miessgang & Jakob Pesendorfer

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