Heat as a challenge for working and housing in post-war housing estates: Possible solutions and interdisciplinary planning strategies 

Project financed by:

  • Chamber of Labour Vienna (AK Wien)– Digitalisierungsfonds Arbeit 4.0


Project partner:

  • Niloufar Tajeri

Cooperating partners: 

  • Austrian Federation of Limited-Profit Housing Associations (GBV), City of Vienna – Housing in Vienna (Wiener Wohnen), ÖSW Limited-Profit Housing Association) 

The project focuses on residential space as working space. The focus is on working and living in large post-war social housing complexes in Vienna, building on our still ongoing project "Labour@Home". The topic is the increasing overheating of housing and working space. This makes it more difficult for residents to participate equally in changing forms of employment both inside and outside the apartment. Especially with regard to the coincidence of digitalization of work and climate change, there is an urgent need for new approaches and solutions for apartments and housing complexes. In cooperation with the project partners small, cost-effective interventions to deal with overheating are being developed for housing complexes in Vienna to strengthen the equal participation of employees in digital and analog working processes. 

Project period: 2023-2024 

Project team: Daniele Karasz, Sladana Adamovic, Mark Scherner, Aylin Guerel, Lea Prammer, Nadia Razza

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