Mark Scherner

Mark Scherner is a cultural and social anthropologist (BA) and geographer (MA), trained in spatial research and spatial planning at the University of Vienna. In 2019 and 2020 he supervised the Erasmus Mundus Master 4CITIES as a study assistant. At the Institute of Geography and Regional Research he was a scientific project assistant in the research projects “Exploring Citizen Science, Revealing Donau City's Landscape through Photo-elicitation” and “Jugend Gestaltet! Lienzer Talboden”. In Germany, he gained practical experience in city administration (Municipality of Cologne, Department of Urban Development) and urban policy initiatives (Konglomerat e.V., Dresden). His master's thesis on intergenerational ethics of municipal land policy in Berlin was published in the European Journal of Spatial Development in 2022. For Search and Shape, Mark Scherner has been involved in the projects Labour@Home#2: Hot in Here, Preyersche Höfe, Labour@Home and Migration, Mobility and the Access to Social Housing in Vienna.