Madlyn Miessgang

Madlyn Miessgang is an architect and urban planner with a focus on visual communication. Currently she is lecturer and researcher at the future.lab of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at the TU Wien. She developed and designed several publications on housing related questions, including "Das Wiener Modell. Wohnbau für die Stadt des 21. Jahrhunderts" by Wolfgang Förster and William Menking, as well as "Neues soziales Wohnen" edited by IBA_Vienna 2022 and the future.lab of the TU Wien. She curated the exhibition Autokorrektur. Wie verändert Mobilität den Raum in dem wir leben?", which was shown at the „afo architekturforum„ in 2020. For Search and Shape Madlyn Miessgang was involved in the project Changing Neighborhood(s). At the moment she is involved into the project Migration, Mobility and the Access to Social Housing in Vienna