Antonia Dika

Antonia Dika lives and works as an architect, urban planner and researcher in Vienna. At the University of Art and Design Linz she currently leads the project "Collective Utopias of Post-War Modernism: the Adriatic Coast as a Leisure and Defense Paradise", funded by the Austrian Science Fund. From 2009 to 2018, she worked for the City of Vienna's Urban Renewal Office (GB*7/8/16), where she carried out numerous interdisciplinary neighborhood and research projects. Dika has been teaching at various universities, most recently at the Research Unit of Housing and Design, TU Wien, where she, together with Bernadette Krejs, co-edited the book "Mapping the Croatian Coast. A Road Trip to Architectural Legacies of Cold War and Tourism Boom" (Berlin: Jovis, 2020). For Search and Shape Antonia Dika was involved in the project Ourstories.Absberggasse.