War Child Experience Museum Austria 

Project financed by: 

  • Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport 
  • City of Vienna, Municipal Department 7 – Cultural Affairs 

Project partners: 

  •  viartdukt.com 

Cooperating partners:

  • War Childhood Museum Sarajevo

WEMA focusses on individual experiences of war and flight from the perspective of children, teenagers, and young adults - regardless of the place and time of the happenings. The project is planned to be a museum, an archive, and a laboratory for social change. WEMA narrates personal stories and objects of people who had to experience war and flight in their childhood and live in Austria today. WEMA wants to make their experiences visible. At the same time, WEMA presents their experiences as an essential part of Austria's history, present and future. Finally, the overall social relevance of the individual destinies will be underlined because war and flight concern all of us. WEMA is planned to be a long-lasting interplay of several elements: an analog museum, an innovative, digital museum, a growing archive of war and flight experiences, and a laboratory for social change. WEMA will be a place of exchange and reflection. 

Project period: since 2022 

Project team: Daniele Karasz, Sladana Adamovic 

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